FAQ articles with validity date


Sometimes it can be useful and important to limit the availability of FAQs in time. With FAQInvalidateArticles, you can simply configurate such a period while creating FAQs.


With the help of the addon FAQInvalidateArticles, you can make your FAQs time-limited with a few clicks.

Simply choose the date from which the FAQs shall be available and until when they are valid. You can also use just one of these functions, of course.

Definition von Gültigkeitsdaten im FAQ-Artikel
Definition of validity dates in the FAQ article

FAQs, which are of importance for your agents later on (for example after a system update during the weekend), can be created beforehand. The advantage of this addon is that the FAQs are valid when you want it to be without having to remember to activate it.

You can also set until when an article shall be valid with this addon.

Following actions can be performed for expired FAQ articles (configuration global for all FAQ articles with expiry date):

  • set article invalid
  • delete article
  • set new status for article
  • revoke enabling
  • change nothing (especially in the context of notifications useful)


Versions: Znuny 6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x

Price: 500,00€ / 595,00€ (netto/brutto)